California Division UDC
Convention 2022
Bakersfield, California



   NOTE:  Documents which reveal UDC meeting locations/dates or members' names/information, require an additional password to open per document - sorry, it's an extra step for members' protection and privacy. (Marked with an asterisk. *)

Use the same "Members Only" password across the starred * documents.

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  * The Call to Convention - Convention Chair
  * Division President's Letter
  * Condensed Program
  (coming)  Proposed Budget 2022-2023
  Convention Meeting Rules
   Convention Protocol
  * Registration Form
   * Meal Reservations
  * Hotel Reservations
   * Page Volunteer Form


  * The Division Slate of Officers - 2022-2024
  Yearbook Awards Sponsor Form
  Convention Service Project
   * "Ways and Means" for chapters to support Convention
  * Chapter Vendor's Form (to reserve a sales table)
  Hint on the password:  Type it into Word, Notepad or other text program, highlight and copy it to your clipboard and leave it there momentarily.

As you open documents, just put the cursor in the password request window and hit CTRL+ V simultaneously to paste it in.  Control V is the shortcut keystroke for "paste" in Windows.

Yes, you can use the regular drop-down taskbar above:  drag the password blue  in the text program you used - click Edit  - click Copy - Click paste as you need it.  Much faster to use keystrokes which are printed next to the commands in Edit - off to the right, if you're curious.  (You don't have to keep opening that Edit window!!!) The password will stay on your clipboard until you copy something else and overwrite it.


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