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The California Division UDC Convention has adjourned.  Thank you to all who worked so hard, especially Mary Ann C. our convention chair.  Congratulations to all of the new Division Officers elected during the weekend.  Annual reports from officers and chairmen are now due to Sandy B., the Yearbook Chair.  Please send her Word versions of these reports rather than a pdf.  She needs to be flexible with the fitting of the text throughout the book.


The California 'Division Convention Planners' would like some feedback from BOTH those who attended convention and those who didn't.  By clicking on one of the links below, you can fill out a form and express your views on our conventions.  PLEASE HELP the future planning by taking part in the survey!  All forms are confidential and anonymous.

If you ATTENDED Convention:     Link for Attendees
If you DID NOT attend convention:     Link for NON-attendees



Honor a Confederate Soldier by Adopting His Headstone

This is a new, joint project for the care and upkeep of Confederate Soldiers' headstones here in California.  The program is called the "California Division Graves Guardian Program."   Volunteer participation can come from the SCV, UDC, CofC or the OCR.  Please look at the following flyers and if you have further questions, contact Chris L., the CA UDC chairman.  Specific contact information and guidelines are on the downloadable flyers below.  2 flyers require the CA Div password as they contain personal  contact information.  Click on the Bonnie Blue Flag to download.

"Who can participate - Rules and Guidelines"
"Application" to the Guardian Program 
 "How to properly clean and care for a marble headstone"




  • Please refer to page 16 of the current yearbook for the full Division Calendar 2022. The fiscal calendar of deadlines and events for 2021-2022 are on pp 17-18. (New Yearbooks are updated and published each January)

30 Sept 2022 CA Division Convention The convention was successful, fun and has adjourned.  See below for Convention 2023.
3-7 Nov 2022 General Convention - RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - details on the  General Website or contact the CA Division President.
14 Jan 2023 Southern Luncheon - Bakersfield Stockdale -Country Club - 11 am - more details TBA
10-12 Mar 2023 SCV CA Division Reconfederation (Reunion)
3 June 2023 Jefferson Davis Luncheon - Old City Hall, Gilroy - details TBA
6-7 Oct 2023 CA Division Convention - Bakersfield - details TBA


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