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2020 Jefferson Davis Luncheon

We're sorry to announce that this year's annual luncheon/birthday celebration has been cancelled.  Please stay safe and continue practicing good health and safety practices.

  Check back on this page for the latest updates on other General/Division UDC events.

The General CALL to CONVENTION (Richmond - 5-10 Nov 2020) will be printed in the August 2020 magazine with some information available in the members only area of the General Website.

It is recommended that hotel reservations be made early as choices for room types and bed configurations fill up fast. 



  • Please refer to pp 19-22 of the current 2020 yearbook for the complete Division Calendar 2020.  (New Yearbooks are updated and published each January)
  • 31 Aug 2020:  End of the 2019-2020 fiscal year.


15 Jan Chapter per capita due to Div Treasurer
18 Jan Southern Luncheon 2020 - Thank you ladies - it was wonderful!!!
30 May Jefferson Davis Luncheon 2020 - Cancelled, due to the current situation.
25-26 Sep 2020 CA Division Convention - Bakersfield Marriott (downtown)
5-10 Nov 2020 General Convention - RICHMOND, VIRGINIA
  "And for planning purposes.........."
Nov 2021 2021 General Convention - SOUTH CAROLINA (city TBA)


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