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Newsletters are published in CA Division in November, February, May and August. The current newsletter is posted here, and several previous editions are archived. If you need an even earlier newsletter, contact the newsletter editor on p 7 of the yearbook.

Newsletters are created using a publishing program and then converted to pdf format which requires a pdf reader or pdf plug-in for your browser.  A download link to the free Adobe Reader is at the bottom of this page. Chapter Presidents are sent an email alerting them each time a new edition is published. They, in turn, notify their chapter members. Some chapters may choose to send a copy of the newsletter directly to their members via email. 

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 Newsletters - Children of the Confederacy of General

These are posted by CofC General as Google Documents (kind of like Drop-Box)...but some of you don't have (don't want) a Google account.  They will be posted here for a while and then removed as new editions come out.  They are LARGE files - about 23 pages - be patient.

Fall 2018 Newsletter
Winter 2019 Newsletter


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